Building financial legacies. For generations to come.


At 1832 Investment Counsel™ our mission is straightforward: Help each client build financial legacies, for generations to come.

You built a strategy for your business. Building a strategy for your family and your wealth is imperative. Bridging the two generationally is the key to success both financially and emotionally.

1832 Investment Counsel™ is committed to helping successful Canadians build and preserve wealth through innovative, disciplined investment management. From individuals and families to businesses and foundations, we work closely with clients to structure personalized portfolios that meet unique objectives and complex needs – for today and for whatever the future holds.

We believe generational wealth management is about much more than your investment portfolio. It’s about your legacy. Working in partnership with your family or Board of Directors, we draw on a powerful array of resources to provide integrated wealth solutions – from business transition strategies, to family governance, exploring strategic philanthropy and beyond.


Family Effective Approach

Navigating the transfer of a business family’s wealth from one generation to another is fraught with challenges, both financial and emotional.

For most families, the lack of a comprehensive strategy to address complex emotional and financial issues can impact multiple generations, in very fundamental ways.

A Family Effective Approach ensures that the family’s goals and values as well as the wealth from the business transfer in harmony – and strategically. This rethinking of wealth succession is critical to stewarding the family from one generation to the next.

Generational Wealth Management

You did not build your business with a 3-month or even a 3-year window; you built it with a plan that spans 10, 20, 30 years or more.

If the majority of businesses do not make it out of the third generation than the goal is to develop a strategy to get to the fourth. Executing an investment strategy that spans generations, allows you to be more thoughtful in how you address all the 'moving parts' in a business family. It also focuses you on the long-term outcomes and not the short-term distractions.

The numbers are also staggering; if you start today with a $10 million investment (active business or stock portfolio), compounding at 7% per annum, your heirs could have approximately $150 million in 40 years. Not only is that an astounding sum from a $10 million base, but it brings into focus why integrating the family, the business and the investment portfolio is so important over the long term. The issues around managing $150 million are substantially different than managing $10 million.

"Continuity, patience and the luxury of a long view are fundamental to the success of family firms. By creating value over decades and generations, rather than quarters and years, successful family firms outperform those seeking short term shareholder returns."

— Galen G. Weston


A Disciplined Investment Approach

Our investment process includes a well-defined and rigorously applied equity investment philosophy, paired with the selection of high-quality fixed-income investments – all with the goal of protecting capital while meeting your unique return expectations. We believe clients’ best interests are served by a holistic approach that considers all aspects of one’s wealth, including business, personal and philanthropic assets.

The following chart provides an overview of the investment process used by 1832 Investment Counsel™. They follow a holistic approach that considers all aspects of one’s wealth including operating, financial, personal, real estate, philanthropic, heirloom, and deferred assets.

Deep Strength

1832 Investment Counsel™ is a division of 1832 Asset Management L.P., one of Canada’s largest asset managers.

To meet the diverse investment needs of clients, we draw on the deep analytical resources and intellectual capital of this highly respected investment team. Known for the intensity of its research and quality of its analysis, we develop unique proprietary insights about investment candidates and translate that into research-driven results.


Individuals & Families

We will work seamlessly with your family, legal and other advisors to provide specialized advice for all of your wealth-planning needs. We work with clients on matters such as business succession planning, estate planning services, generational wealth transfer strategies and more.

Charitable Foundations

1832 Investment Counsel™ and its parent company, The Bank of Nova Scotia, offer a wide array of resources and investment options to meet the complex requirements of charitable foundations. In addition to helping individuals and families establish and maintain foundations and donor advised funds, we have extensive experience guiding existing charities and endowments on a variety of issues – from clarifying financial objectives, formulating Investment Policy Statements to addressing a range of board and governance issues.


For families or organizations with assets in excess of $5 million, this type of generational wealth management might be right for you.